Cyberpunk and society

The  article both gives an excellent overview of the subgenre called cyberpunk focussing on games (who knew?)  and it’s relationship to the broader society.   Fortunately  it’s demise has been much exaggerated… see  Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan for example.  I love Anderson’s observation that it’s really about the past, not the future, very McLuhanesque… kudos to Darran for this:


Politics On The Edge of Time

Politics on the Edge of Time (click here to download PDF)

Charles W. Ogg

May, 2016

This article grew in part out of a course offered at the Tufts Experimental College, ‘Sociology Through Science Fiction.’

It is a slightly-edited and updated version of a cover article for a 1988 summer edition of the ‘New Left’ publication, Z Magazine.

When you’re whiling away the summer, in the woods, at the beach, or hanging out between demonstrations, you may want to let your thoughts run wild … Dig into some science/speculative fiction (sf). If you are fascinated by utopian/dystopian visions, you may appreciate the rare work highlighting politics within an alternative social reality. If you don’t wish to scour the shelves to cull such works, let me guide you through a few ‘classics’ [from the 50s through the 80s] and lesser, but still gootd works sometimes overlooked…

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